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E-waste Management Services in Mumbai – Ghatkopar

E-waste Management in Mumbai – Ghatkopar

E-waste management in Mumbai

  • SearchForMe Recycling is one of the leading  E-Waste management in Mumbai.
  • We firmly believe in the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” way of using natural resources and helping individuals.
  • And companies to adopt this idea by increasing the value of their electronic & electrical inventories, e-waste management in Mumbai.
  • We are able to provide waste recycling for clients.
  • As it is manufactured technologically advanced machines and equipment, as per details, procured from reputable suppliers.
  • The demand for recycling plants of E-waste management in Mumbai is increasing.
  • We inspect these waste recycling plants after production to ensure that they are in line with widely agreed quality standards.
  • We Re-Utilize this IT merchandise thereby Saving the atmosphere.
  • Promoting the Progress of society to create it simple and cheap each for each individual to shop for IT merchandise.
  • We deal all old quite Computer’s things, Electrical, Plastic scrap, laptop scrap, Machinery scrap & electrical device scrap.
  • We are a young and dynamic company established in 2010, with the intention to encounter the mammoth downside of E-Waste.
  • SFM have a tendency to are proud to own bound with one in every of hardly 4-5 E-Waste usage corporations gift in Asian country nowadays.


Having an incredible advantage of over thirty years of expertise within the usage trade with our bound company.

We will ensure that recycle and remove risky waste products from the most reliable systems and environmental property methods used.

  • Quality is of utmost importance by the consultants at work.
  • You should be confident that the most productive approaches are used to manage and dispose of your waste in the trade.
  • We have a tendency to continually endeavor to optimize the client’s satisfaction level at every step.
  • We will be happy to have an opportunity to be your waste collector and recycler.
  • If you specify you would like we will furnish careful offers for your prepared reference.

Why You Should Recycle Electronics:

  • Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term used to refer to electronic goods that have become discarded, redundant & have reached the end of their useful life in essence.
  • Since technology progresses at such a high pace, after a few short years of use, many electronic devices become “trash.”
  • Valuable metals and parts are contained in electronics which can be used again in another production phase.
  • Components that can pollute water and air supplies without proper disposal or recycling are cadmium, hexavalent, & brominated flame-retardant materials.
  • Simply put, Waste Electrical and Computer Equipment (WEEE) or e-waste is electronics.
  • Electrical gadgets that are end-of-life, damaged, surplus or redundant gadgets run by electricity in simpler words.
  • The EPA reports that as much as 80 percent of electronic waste goes out with the waste.
  • Only about 20 percent is correctly recycled.
  • Every year, 300 million computers and 1 BILLION mobile phones are brought into production.
  • This global waste mountain is predicted to continue to rise by 8% every year, indefinitely (BCC Research).
  • E-waste is not simply a question of amounts or volumes of waste.
  • Owing to the presence of hazardous materials such as lead, arsenic & cadmium.
  • Some BFRs (brominated flame retardants) and many other chemicals, the problem is exacerbated.
  • And most e-waste arrives in the informal sector in developing countries such as India.
  • It is recycled without regard to health and the environment.
  • Typical of these activities, where vulnerable groups such as children and women are routinely working, are open burning, acid baths.
  • Employees are exposed to toxic cocktails on a regular basis in some of the recycling hotspots spread over the world.
  • Hazardous chemicals are often released into the air, water and soil by uncontrolled activities, thereby endangering our climate.